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If you are looking to start a new website, starting one can be simple. However, creating a profitable website is more complicated. With the number of affiliate websites beginning every day reaching the thousands, it can be challenging to create unique and high-quality content to break through the web. Those who are looking to begin a website are looking to start a profitable website like Wirecutter.

With the recent explosion of internet traffic in the 21st century, many investment groups have begun to increase the development of affiliate websites. Using content writers, website builders, and managers to create multiple sites, the investment groups hope that one or more of their sites will become profitable, while the rest do not. Many websites that become highly profitable are the result of highly experienced teams with experience in creating websites.

The progression of 2021 will likely see a significant increase in affiliate marketing. Google trends show that people complete a search for “affiliate marketing” at an astonishing rate of almost 400,000 times per month. Businesses also continue to move more of the products and services online, creating excellent opportunities for affiliate websites to promote new products, offers, and programs.

However, creating an affiliate marketing website isn’t an easy path. Most websites take a long time to reach profitability and high amounts of traffic. There are many different reasons why these websites may fail:

1. Poor Timing: Being too early or too late on the digital market can impact traffic on a website. Being too early means that consumers are not yet searching for the products and services that your website promotes. Being too late means that a variety of larger competitors will already dominate the area you’re trying to promote.

2. Bad Execution: For many beginners, it’s difficult to know how to start and make a website profitable. Although there are some talented and lucky beginners, many don’t know how to start out. In these situations, it’s important to remember that trial and error are the best way to learn. Use each website as a teacher to understand how to build the next one better.

3. Understanding Google: Google uses a confusing algorithm dependent on millions of different factors to determine which website will be more promoted or show up first. Instead of trying to understand this confusing algorithm and build a website to be at the top, many investor groups instead choose to develop several websites to increase the chances of being highly trafficked.

What If You Don’t Have the Resources to Create Multiple Sites?

Here are some recommendations for creating a profitable affiliate marketing website for those with the enthusiasm, funds, and time to do so.

Start a Website and Hope It Works

Instead of starting a website from scratch, it can save you time and effort by purchasing a website. This way, you don’t have to worry about buying a domain name, creating and publishing content, and waiting for the site to begin receiving traffic. When starting a website through purchasing an affiliate website, you have two viable options.

First, you can purchase a pre-made website from a marketplace. This tends to be less costly, although it may also be more time-consuming.

Second, you can purchase the website directly from a seller. This tends to be more expensive; however, the time needed to get the website going may be shorter.

With either option, it will take time and effort to create the website and generate content. Be sure to purchase the site from a marketplace or seller that is reputable and trustworthy to ensure the quickest results. If you manage to snag a high-quality site, you may be able to see income in just a short amount of time.

Done for You Affiliate Websites

1. Flippa

Flippa is one of the oldest and most popular internet sites to find websites to buy or sell. They contain the most extensive selection and have a long track record. There’s a high probability that you’ll be able to find something that matches your vision.

From E-commerce and display ads-focused websites to Amazon FBA, you can find almost anything you’re looking for on Flippa. They also have a search option to help you narrow down your search by choosing your niche from the menu option.

Although Flippa has begun to receive negative attention over a recent increase in fake sellers and buys, Flippa has already increased the amount of attention given to potential buyers and sellers. However, despite this, sometimes fake deals fall through the cracks.

If you’re interested in buying a website from Flippa or any other online marketplace, it’s essential to have someone who recognizes a real site from a fake one check out the sites before your purchase. Flippa also offers customers due diligence services, which may be beneficial as a 2nd opinion.

The bottom line is that Flippa is a great marketplace to find websites if you or someone you trust understands how to evaluate websites. Make sure to triple-check and do your research to make sure you don’t get scammed.

2. Brand Builders

Brand Builders promises a “Fully Functional Affiliate Website in Under 24 Hours”. They offer complete services where you purchase a pre-built affiliate website or e-commerce website. Their team even offers services like creating cloud-based hosting if desired.

With the purchase of one of their sites, you will receive the keyword research, logo, VPS hosting, and domain name, and SEO optimized content, 24/7 support, and training videos. You can purchase a website starting at under $1500. Most of their sites are monetized with Amazon affiliate programs.

In addition to the sale of affiliate websites, Brand Builders offers services to aid in fast growth for your sites, such as outreach link building and content creation.

3. Human Proof Designs

Human Proof Designs or HPD, is a website created by Dom Wells. After he began selling his profitable affiliate websites, he found there was demand in the market for offering affiliate websites for sale. Those who wanted to start a site but didn’t have the time or knowledge to do so began looking for a way to own a profitable website without the effort of starting it themselves.

HPD begins an affiliate website and grows the brand until a buyer can take over the site and continue the growth that has already started.

They offer a few different options for sites: revenue-generating properties, aged sites, brand new properties, or authority websites.

There are a few serious benefits to buying a website that is aged. First, new websites can be challenging to find during a Google search. This is when a website is sent to the Google Sandbox, where new sites become buried in the millions of others out there.

The second benefit is that HDP has tons of experience in the creation of affiliate sites from nothing, meaning that they only use strategies and materials that work. This means that the aged site will be easy to manage, SEO-Friendly, and fast. HDP also offers support and training as you learn to manage your site.

There are eight different types of websites that HPD offers:

1. Ready-Made Affiliate Websites – These sites are specialized and ready to go. Typically they are monetized with Amazon affiliate programs or Amazon Associates.

2. Custom Made Niche Sites – Very similar to the ready-made niche sites, but are more personalized and selected for you.

3. Aged Sites – These sites have had time for growth on the web and result in income more quickly.

4. Revenue Generating Starter Sites – These sites have typically aged, but these already generate revenue.

5. Supreme Sites – These are very similar to the revenue-generating starter sites, but generate additional income

6. Authority Sites – These sites are more significant and more complex with additional options and personalization with monetization.

7. Dropshipping Sites – Dropshipping sites allow owners to sell products on the digital market without worrying about inventory or shipping.

8. Local Lead Gen Sites – These sites do exactly what they sound like, as they are profitable by selling leads to local businesses.

HDP is a well-known and reputable marketplace for purchasing pre-made websites. They offer many different types of services to help you monetize a site quickly. They even provide additional benefits to help you grow your business, like keyword research, content writing, link building, and guest posting.

4. Motion Invent

Created by Jon Gilliam and Spencer Haws, Motion Invest is a comparatively new company that created a marketplace to buy and sell websites. However, instead of making the sites or simply being a place for individuals to buy and sell, Motion Invest purchases a website and holds onto it before selling. This functions as extra security, ensuring that the site can generate income and has been fully vetted by Motion invest. They do not operate as a brokerage.

To view websites and get more information, you need to register for an account. Clients interested in a site are provided with lots of information such as sell Q&As, SEMrush data, and backlink analysis.

Motion Invent also offers a site evaluation tool for free for those looking to buy and sell. They also feature an informational blog that has regular information about purchasing and selling sites for a profit.

5. OnFolia

Created by the same designer of Human Proof Designs, Dom Wells is the mastermind behind the company OnFolia. They have two primary models to offer.

1. A buy-and-run service – While the company locates the website, buys it, and manages it for you, they also take a percentage of the website’s revenue for their services.

It’s important to realize that the percentage they take is of the revenue instead of the profit, making it a risky venture if you’re not making a profit. However, OnFolio often can turn profits for their investors.

2. A website-buying assistance service – An OnFolio team will consult, advise and assist you with purchasing the website.

This company is geared for those with the extra money they wish to invest who understand the money to be made with digital assets; However, they don’t have the skills to build and manage affiliate websites.

6. Website Properties

Website Properties have been functioning for over 20 years as a website brokerage company to help others successfully buy and sell websites. Website Properties helps first-time and seasoned buyers alike negotiate deals, resulting in the most significant amount of income when you buy or sell a website or online business.

Their role is to develop a smooth process in the purchase or sale of a business. They believe in handling each interaction with care, professionalism, and competence. Highly-trained staff is available to provide assistance at each step of the process and represent you professionally.

They have built an excellent reputation as they have sold several hundred websites and online businesses worth millions of dollars. Even though they offer various websites and online businesses, they provide many affiliate websites to suit your needs.

The website properties listed on Website Properties tend to be expensive as many have sales above six figures.

Keep in mind that they are more of a higher-end service, with all of their websites for sale above the 6 figure range.

Ready Made Affiliate Websites Best for Passive Income

Actual passive incomes are non-existent, except for trust funds or an inheritance. Using a website for passive income only works if a management team is available to take care of the website for you. Affiliate websites require constant updating and management. To attract traffic to your website, you must keep with the latest trends to beat the competition.

Those who are looking for a source of passive income should not consider the purchase of a website. Websites require time and energy for continuous updates and monitoring to improve and grow your brand. However, if you’re still interested in owning a site, a website such as OnFolio could help to provide upkeep and management to your site.

However, those who have extensive experience in managing and building websites can use any one of these platforms to find great deals and purchase a website. Each of these platforms offers a different focus on affiliate websites and provides unique services, so it’s wise to invest time into looking at them.