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You may be wondering about AmpiFire. It is a content creator with distributors syndicating your content to more than 400 different sites, including:

• Podcasts

• News sites such as Marketwatch and AP news

• Social media sites

• Video sites

• High authority blogs

• Presentation sites

This means your content is spread all over the internet with a focus on three different purposes.

Get You Traffic Fast

You will find AmpiFire posts on authority sites providing traffic of their own that easily ranks. The idea is to piggyback a portion of this traffic to the page of your choice. This includes your niche to sell eServices quickly.

You want to ensure you’re targeting the correct keywords and using the appropriate content. You will learn how to accomplish this during training with Jay Cruiz and Chris Munch.

Once I had run many of my own campaigns, I understood exactly what was effective and what was not. This is the reason I am offering you a bonus. I will look at your content to make sure it has been optimized and provide you with a few tips.

Brand Recognition and Authority

One of the most frequently overlooked benefits of this type of campaign is brand recognition. Once your website or eStore has been syndicated through websites, including powerful news sites, your business, website, or company will be recognized.

Due to this strategy, you receive help for the long and short-term through two significant components.

When top blogs and publications start to write about your eServices, you will gain trust.

When top sites mention your business, a portion of the authority is transferred directly to you. This is valuable to search engines, including Google.

If you think about it, you would most likely trust a company you see featured on a website such as MarketWatch than a business with no presence online.

The answer is obvious, and Google will favor these sites. My favorite component is the third one.

Ranking in The Search Engine

AmpiFire is an exceptional SEO tool. More than 400 sites are linking to yours. This means some of their power and authority is going to be transferred to your page or eStore. This informs Google your site is related and has earned a ranking.

If you paid someone for this type of advantage, your cost would probably be between $1,000 and $5,000 for each content blast. The cost of the Ampifire system is only a tenth. This is the reason reselling the system for $497, or $2,297 will change your commissions.

My bonus also includes a second portion. You receive a power-up for your campaigns to increase your power by three. This is your authority, traffic, and power from just one campaign. I will further explain the bonus later on in my review.

Fast Traffic, Authority, and Long-Term Rankings

I want you to realize Jay Cruiz and Chris Munch found the solution for the most challenging aspect of gaining online traffic. The answer is so simple you only need about an hour for implementation.

If you use a different system, you have to purchase ads constantly. You then wait for weeks or even months to receive organic traffic. You will still not have any trustworthy people of authority. AmpiFire provides you with all three for a fraction of the price in far less time.

How It Works

Your first step is the creation of a campaign for your website or eStore. I will repeat the necessary steps later in my review.

When you create an AMP, you have a choice for your first step. You can select Create It Myself or Create It For Me.

Amp Created For You

The approach of AmpiFire is strictly hands-off. This is because Ampifire experts do the work on your behalf. Yes, the cost requires additional credits but I firmly believe it is worth understanding how professionals accomplish it.

You receive a tremendous advantage because you will not need much time when using this approach. You will not require more than a maximum of 15 minutes to set up everything you need for your campaign. The rest is handled on your behalf.

Another benefit of the Done For You campaign is the ability to sell it as a service. A good example is working on a client campaign where you keep 50 percent of your sale. You simply send it to the team at Created For You.

The Ampifire system also offers you another option. You can earn a profit of 75 to 90 percent from the beginning by selling the system as an eService. Not only is this easier, but less work is necessary. When I discuss eServices later on, I will explain in greater detail.

Amp Created Yourself From Scratch

If you would like to create your own campaign, you have two different choices. You can create from a template or from scratch. Once I explain the template, my focus from that point on will be creating one from nothing.

If you decide to create one from scratch, the recommended text length is between 300 and 1,000 words. I have learned the sweet spot is roughly 600 words. This is lengthy enough for a decent size article and is accepted by Google. Your article will also be short enough to avoid boring your readers.

Chris Munch will explain all of this during training. Experience has taught me to excite the reader, but only to a certain extent. You want them to be interested in more information regarding the eService to help ensure they click on your eStore or website.

This is the quick traffic I have been discussing, enabling you to receive traffic almost immediately with an Amp.

You can also go to an outside source to buy a well-written article exceptionally cheaply. A few of mine are included in my bonus.

This will not be entirely completed for you as with the previous option, but the time required for creating your campaign is decreased. This is an excellent choice if you’re unable to or do not like to write.

Once your article has been written, you should not require more than 30 minutes to kick off your entire campaign. At most, you only need one or two articles.

If you decide to write your own article, you need to allow approximately two hours. This is dependent on your writing style. You get to choose, and no matter what you decide, it will not require a lot of time.

Amp Created from A Template

When I first began with AmpiFire, one of the options I liked the most was writing my articles using templates. Since the system creates your article, all you need to do is answer questions and fill in the blanks.

If you need some guidance or have not yet learned how to write articles, this is an excellent option. You will also learn the correct format for blog posts and press releases.

A good example is writing a press release. You are not talking specifically to the reader, so words such as you should be avoided. Blog posts are personalized, so you want to use the word you more frequently.

I have now explained the essentials of creating an Amp For Yourself. When you begin using this strategy, you will obtain eService clients by creating Amps. You can also use this strategy for other things as well.

Creating Amp for Other or White-Label Services

As I have already mentioned, the users of AmpiFire create client amps. This can be for an affiliate site, a brand, or a local business. You can easily ask $1,000 per month to develop amps.

Essentially, this means your time is traded for money. Yes, you can create campaigns easily. You also need to consider the time-consuming and tedious nature of the process when you have 20 clients. If you are using the old model, your profit margin is a maximum of 40 to 60 percent.

Using the done for a campaign reduces your profit margin even more, and reports must still be created for your clients, and information needs to be input.

The new Ampifire system changes everything when AmpiFire is sold as a white-label service. Since the cost of fulfillment is roughly $100, your cost is cheaper in addition to being hands-off.

You will no longer need to use amps, create your amps or hire writers. Even the need to send out reports has been eliminated. The Ampifire team does everything while you keep 75 to 90 percent of the profits.

AmpiFire Bonus

The most significant advantage of this is the limitations regarding how much eService you sell are removed. Chris has talked about this at least a dozen times, but the idea behind drop-shipping eServices is your only concern is getting your visitors to the offer.

This is similar to a combination of eCommerce profitability and affiliate ease of use. When you are only selling three each month, fulfillment will probably not seem like such a big deal. This will change when your sales increase to 30 each month.

If you look at it the same way I do, you want your eService to build to six or seven figures during the course of the next year. This is the easiest way to succeed.

Even if you are planning to handle your campaigns yourself, you can charge specific customers more due to the power of fulfillment with the Chris Munch team.