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The first thing you most likely think about with investing are stocks, right? Stocks and bonds can make for acceptable investments, of course, but they’re subject to wild fluctuations. As such, it’s always advised to make sure that you have a diverse portfolio. Doing so means seeking out other ways to invest, one of the best of which involves investing into precious metal.

Putting money into the precious metals market is simply another way of making sure that you can keep your money safe. This type of investment isn’t a magical solution for creating wealth but rather a time-tested method for ensuring that at least some of your assets aren’t subject to market pressures. For many, this choice is a way to spread their metaphorical eggs to more than one basket.

Precious metals investments almost always require working with a gold investment company. These companies exist to buy and sell gold and help individuals navigate the difficulties of getting into the precious metals markets. These companies often deal with gold and silver, palladium, and platinum, and some have even moved on to working in the crypto market.

As you might expect, there are more gold investing companies out there than one person could reasonably vet. Though most of them play an essential role in this market, it’s still vital that any investor knows which companies to work with and should avoid. As such, we’ve put together a review of some of the best gold investment companies working with customers today, which can help any investor figure out where to best put their money to work.

Gold Investment Company Reviews

#1. Goldco

We are starting with Goldco not just because it’s one of our most highly recommended companies but also because it sets a standard by which many others should be judged. Rated highly by the Business Consumer Alliance and the Better Business Bureau alike, this company is highly trusted by its customers and the business community at large for its ability to help investors navigate the precious metals market.

Like the other companies we’re reviewing, Goldco primarily specializes in a type of retirement investment account called a Gold or Silver IRA. Also known as self-directed or precious metal IRAs, these accounts are designed to help individuals diversify their portfolios by adding precious metals to their retirement accounts. These accounts exist not just as a way to store wealth but also to hedge against an economy that seems to be growing more unpredictable by the day.

Gold, silver, and other metals have long held a kind of intrinsic value, but they now have very practical purposes as well. Both metals are used in various technologies, ranging from industrial equipment to consumer electronics. For investors, this means that the market for metals is growing and that those who put their money in Precious Metals IRAs will be able to take advantage of an investment opportunity that seems to be more profitable every day.

Goldco’s primary specialization is in the field of Gold IRAs. These accounts may be self-directed, but this doesn’t mean that they’re necessarily easy to set up on your own. That, fortunately, is where Goldco excels.

Setting up an IRA is as easy as going to the company’s website and filling out an application. Once you’ve done that, you’ll enter information about how you’ll transfer money to your account, and then you’ll be able to start putting gold into the IRA.

The pieces offered for Goldco all meet the IRS requirements of being 99.5 percent pure gold, thus making them eligible for being held in IRAs. Though this might seem like a minor issue to some, knowing the quality of what you’re buying can making investing much more accessible.

Despite the company’s name, Goldco doesn’t just stick to gold. Investors can also invest in Silver IRAs, which work like any other precious metal IRA but feature silver instead of gold. These investments tend to be significantly less expensive, allowing individual investors to buy more pieces to fill up their accounts while allowing those who are just looking to get into this investing a chance to dip their toes and test the waters in the market.

Many people who choose to invest in gold or silver IRAs already have existing IRA accounts. These individuals may wish to roll over their old accounts into new Precious Metals IRAs, a process that is greatly expedited by the help of Goldco’s professional staff. Not only will staff members examine the existing accounts of investors to figure out whether or not they can be rolled over, but these same employees will help eligible investors to walk through the process of the rollover and ensure that the change goes through as efficiently as possible.

The good news is that this IRA type offers all of the same kinds of tax benefits that traditional IRAs offer. That means not only can you get the same contribution limits from a Precious Metals IRA, but that you can also take your money out at the same age without tax consequences.

Setting up an account with Goldco is, fortunately, relatively easy. The company offers an excellent guide to self-directed IRAs, which can be requested directly from Goldco’s website. Once you’ve read through the guide, contact Goldco to get all of your questions about investing in precious metals answered.


– Goldco has a vast assortment of gold bars and silver bars, plus coins available for its investors.

– The company makes it easy to both set up a new Gold or Silver IRA and roll over an existing IRA with the help of its trained staff.

– The company maintains an excellent A+ rating with BBB (Better Business Bureau).


– Unfortunately, Goldco only offers gold and silver for its IRA customers – you can’t get platinum or palladium here.

#2. Augusta Precious Metals

Another fantastic company to look at when considering investing is Augusta Precious Metals. Another company with excellent ratings by not only the Better Business Bureau but also Trustlink and the Business Consumer Alliance, this organization is definitely one that has established a sterling reputation for itself.

A great deal of the company’s reputation comes from its ability to work with customers to ensure an excellent investing experience. Not only is the company quite transparent with both its operations and its fee structure, but it makes investing in precious metals simple. This means that it’s easy to invest and do so in a way that makes each customer feel satisfied.

Like Goldco, Augusta Precious metals primarily focuses on its Gold and Silver IRA customers. The company puts in a tremendous amount of work to help its customers keep their portfolios diversified and protected, mostly by ensuring that every IRA is set up simply and transparently. Plenty of support is provided with this process, whether an individual is setting up his or her first account or her or she is looking into rolling over an existing IRA.

Augusta Precious Metals also helps users feel secure in their investment choices by ensuring that those investments are well-protected. Gold and Silver IRAs require safe storage, and Augusta Precious Metals offers several secure storage facilities to their customers. Located across the United States, these secure facilities keep every bar and coin purchased safe and sound.

Augusta Precious Metals also allows its customers to buy gold and silver for their own personal investments. If you feel safer keeping your items at home with you, you’ll be able to buy them directly from the company and get all of the benefits that come from personally owning gold and silver.

Just as setting up an IRA is easy, so is making purchases for your own collection. The first requirement is setting up an account with the company, transfer over the funds you want to use to buy your items, and then pick the gold and silver items you’d like to purchase. Each item ships for free and has free insurance, helping to ensure that every purchase gets to where it is going safely and discretely.


– They make it very easy to set up an IRA, with employees who help guide new investors through the process step by step.

– The company also allows users to buy gold and silver for personal investment purposes.

– They have a host of great storage options for their IRA customers.


– Accessing the complete list of gold and silver products available for IRA investments requires directly contacting the company.

3. Birch Gold Group

Birch Gold Group has been around since 2003, making great strides in the field of customer service and in making investing easy. The company excels at personalizing the investment experience, offering many great products to potential investors looking to diversify their holdings. With a fantastic staff and several great investing opportunities, Birch Gold Group earns its place among the top gold investment companies.

Like the other companies discussed so far, Birch Gold Group does a fine job of helping investors to set up their own Precious Metals IRAs. Doing so requires opening an account with Birch Gold Group and adding funds to that account, but once that’s done, it becomes straightforward to buy and sell various precious metals products as you wish.

If that process sounds daunting, you don’t have to worry about getting lost. A staff member from Birch Gold Group can help you figure out how to set up your account and start investing in precious metals. Once you figure out what you want, one of these professionals can even finalize your purchases for you.

Once you’ve made your purchases, you’ll then need to figure out how to store them. The IRS requires that any precious metals held in these IRAs be stored in an approved facility, so Birch Gold Group has made sure to have storage opportunities at the ready. The most impressive of these choices is almost certainly the Delaware Depository, which can insure investments of up to one billion dollars.

Birch Gold Group may have gold in its name, but it allows for several different investment opportunities. Not only can buy add platinum and palladium to your list of metals for your IRA, but you can buy a host of other products if you’re looking to add more to your collection.


This company works with both those investors looking to add to their IRAs and those looking at personal investments.

– Team members can help walk you through the whole process of setting up and funding an IRA.

– The company holds an A+ rating and good reviews with Better Business Bureau.


– The company requires users to pay fees not just for transactions but also for storage and management of their items.

#4. Regal Assets

Founded by Tyler Gallagher, Regal Assets is one of the gold companies currently on the cutting edge of investing. Offering their customers the chance to invest in precious metals and cryptocurrencies, the company has a sterling reputation for helping their clients find ways to invest that meet the long-term needs of each client.

Another company that excels at helping their customers set up self-directed IRAs, Regal Assets, has a fantastic array of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bars and coins that meet all IRS requirements for IRA owners. The company makes it very easy to set up an IRA as well, with most of the work being done online and a quick and simple set-up process that allows users to start adding coins and bars to their accounts rapidly.

Though the company does offer outstanding service to all of its new IRA customers, it is also a standout for helping customers roll over their existing retirement accounts into Precious Metals IRAs. The company’s employees are fantastic at finding out whether or not an existing account can be rolled over and are pretty skilled at explaining how the process works for eligible customers.

The biggest thing that separates Regal Assets from the rest of the pack, though, is that the company has some fantastic cryptocurrency investment opportunities. A rapidly growing part of the investing world, cryptocurrencies offer a high-tech way for investors to diversify their portfolios. Regal Assets is actually a real standout even when compared to other companies that provide crypto investing. It allows users to invest in the top currencies and almost every major crypto on the market today.

Finally, Regal Assets takes the unique step of offering bundles of investments referred to as special investment packages. These packages have several pre-selected bars and coins ready to go, greatly simplifying the process of investing for new investors. These packages are even arranged at different price points so investors of all levels can find something that suits their needs.


– Regal Assets ensures that all of its IRA customers have their metals stored in facilities approved by the IRS.

– The company offers several different storage options with varying levels of security.

– Regal Assets is on the cutting edge of cryptocurrency investment.


– Unfortunately, the company doesn’t have quite as impressive a selection of metal items as most of its competition.

#5. Noble Gold

While Noble Gold may be the final company on this list, that doesn’t mean that it’s not worth your time. A well-regarded company with excellent ratings from all relevant business organizations, Noble Gold offers fantastic customer service that puts the customer first. With a low-pressure environment and a great selection of investment items, the company always feels like it is on a mission to make sure customers get precisely what they need out of investing in precious metals.

As you would expect from a top-tier company, Noble Gold does a great job of helping customers set up their self-directed IRAs. These accounts get the same tax treatment as traditional IRAs but still offer investors the chance to move away from traditional investments to diversify their portfolios.

Since Noble Gold does put a premium on customer service, they do a great deal of work to ensure that it’s easy to set up new accounts and rollover existing IRAs when possible. Once you’ve completed a form on the website, you’ll get contacted by a Noble Gold employee so that you can figure out which steps are necessary to fund your account and start investing.

Investing is a reasonably simple activity here as well. Once funded, you can start adding metals to your account in no time. Noble Gold makes this relatively easy, as it does offer a fantastic selection of metal bars and coins for every account.

Noble Gold doesn’t leave personal investors out in the cold, though. The company does allow private investors to not only buy the same kinds of coins and bars as its IRA investors, but it also has a great selection of collections and coins available that are only suited for personal investors. With some of the best-known investment coins available, the company definitely has what every individual investor needs for their collection.

Noble Gold also makes sure to take care of its investment customers by ensuring that its metals are correctly shipped. This means shipping them out not only quickly but also securely. Given that the company also works with a number of the best precious metals suppliers on the planet, it’s one of the few that’s not only capable of ensuring that all of its pieces are priced competitively but that’s also in a position to offer a fantastic buy-back program for those who change their minds about their investment purchases.

Perhaps the most important thing to know about Noble Gold, though, is that the company doesn’t have a high-pressure selling environment. You’ll never get pushed into investing in a certain way or sold on products that you don’t need. Your investment experience will always be up to you, so you can always trust the advice you receive from Noble Gold employees.


– Noble Gold is one of the few companies that also work with cryptocurrencies.

– Noble Gold has secure storage options available for IRA customers.

– The company has many different gold, palladium, platinum, and silver items.


– Rolling over your existing IRA account requires a minimum five thousand dollar investment.

Consideration in Choosing

Now that you have a better picture of what these companies have to offer, it’s likely a good idea to stop for a minute and think about what you need when choosing between them. Below are a few simple things to keep in mind when you’re deciding on the companies you want to invest with.

Reputation and Experience

You always need to research and know as much as you can about any investment that you make. In the world of gold investing, this means learning a bit about the company’s reputation with which you work. To do so, you’ll need to find out how long the company has been in business and what other customers think of the company. You can check with organizations like BBB and Consumer Affairs to get a good idea of what the company’s general reputation is like.

Investment Options

You also need to know what kind of opportunities a company will offer you. Some will only provide investment opportunities for those who have IRAs, while others might be able to provide purchases with those who have their own collections. As you might expect, you’ll need to go with a company with offerings that match your needs.

Once you figure out if you can invest with a company, you have to figure out what you can invest in while working with them. Some companies only offer gold or silver, while others might offer palladium, platinum, or even cryptocurrencies. You should always first consider the company that has offerings that line up with your own investment strategy.


Nothings cuts into the safety of your wealth, like fees. Though fees are a necessary evil when investing, not all fee structures are equal. Some companies charge lower fees more frequently, while others might have larger one-time fees. The fee structure of a company will determine how your wealth grows, so make sure to ask about all the fees you’ll pay before making a decision.

Customer Service and Support

Any company you work with, you’ll likely interact on a semi-frequent basis. As such, you’ll need to figure out if this is a company that’s actually going to guide you through the process of investing or if they’re going to expect you to do it all on your own.

The best companies will help you set up your account and provide you with the information you need going forward. While not every customer needs guidance, it’s always good to know that you can rely on the company you’ve chosen to help your investing process when you don’t quite understand parts of the process.

Top Pick

Each of the companies that we have reviewed has some strong selling points. If we have to pick a single company with which to work, the obvious choice has to be Goldco.

Goldco is a company with an excellent reputation in the business world and has very satisfied customers. With exceptional customer service and a knowledgeable, experienced team, it’s perhaps the company that makes it the easiest to set up or roll over an account.

Goldco also does a great job of ensuring that its investors get a good selection of coins and bars for their IRAs. The company’s ability to offer great products means making it easier for investors to diversify their portfolios and hedge against changes in the traditional markets.

In short, Goldco checks off all the boxes when it comes to the things that investors need. If you’re ready to work with Goldco, make sure to get their free gold IRA investing guide here so that you can start the process.


1. Why should I invest in gold or other precious metals?

In short, investing in precious metals is recommended because every investor needs a diverse portfolio. While investing in the stock market or property market can be helpful, it’s always a good idea to have something in your portfolio that will not be quite as tied to regular market movements.

Putting at least some of your investment funds into this part of the market is an excellent way to ensure that you’ll be able to have investments that are not only not tied to the market but also in high demand. These investments are used in everything from jewelry to industrial machinery, thus helping to ensure that their value goes up. At the end of the day, though, the real value of precious metals comes from knowing that you don’t have all of your investments tied to a single source.

2. What is a Gold IRA?

Gold IRAs are also known as self-directed IRAs. These IRAs work quite a bit like traditional retirement accounts, with the main difference being that investors can add precious metals into their portfolios. Traditional IRAs are great investment tools, but they are incredible sensitive to market movements; Gold IRAs, meanwhile, tend to offer the kind of stability that comes only with precious metal investments.

The major benefit of using one of these investment instruments is diversification. Having a gold IRA means that at least part of your money isn’t tied to the stock market. As such, you will be able to sleep more soundly, knowing that every dip in the market won’t necessarily destroy your retirement dreams.

3. What percentage of my portfolio should I hold in gold?

While experts will sometimes throw out numbers, the absolute truth is that there’s no correct answer here. The precise percentage of your portfolio that should be put into precious metals will vary greatly depending on factors like your age, the amount of time you have left until retirement, and the value of your overall portfolio. There is no one-size-fits-all answer here, so you’re going to have to think about your own investment needs.

As a rule, those who have less time left until retirement will do better by keeping more money in the precious metals markets. The lower level of risk makes these metals an excellent investment as you move towards retirement, as there’s less of a chance of losing everything just as you get near the finish line.

4. Should all of my money be invested in gold?

Gold is a great investment, but it should never be your only investment. It is a tool you use to diversify your holdings, not a basket into which you should put all of your eggs. Investing everything in gold is just like investing everything in the stock market – a bad idea.

While gold is a substantial investment, that doesn’t mean that it can’t lose value. If the value of gold decreases when you have everything in gold, you’ll see the value of your portfolio plummet. As such, you’ll want to keep a diversified set of investments in play to protect your wealth.