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When it comes to search engine optimization, most people may only think about Google SEO. As a marketer or a professional business owner, it is essential to know that there are other types of SEO that work alongside Google in digital marketing.

You should understand that you may as well utilize these search engines to improve the performance of your websites and pages. Successful online marketers take into account different types of SEO to boost their rankings. One of these SEO types is Bing SEO. Learning about this alternative to Google is worth it to develop your marketing strategies. 

Bing versus Google SEO

Although Google SEO is the leading type of SEO used by most marketers, Bing SEO is the second most used type of SEO in the digital marketing industry. This means that you might be missing some traffic if Bing SEO is not part of your overall strategies. Combined with Yahoo, Bing takes approximately 30% of the search market share, with this percentage slightly increasing year by year.

When it comes to SEO, there does not exist any magic for making your website to earn a high ranking. Search engines have various algorithms that help to determine the ranking of your website.

As a result, all you need is to embrace different approaches to improve ranking in different search engines. For instance, Bing and Google use slightly different strategies that you need to understand to gain the most benefit.

How Does Bing SEO and Google SEO Differ?

Among the most significant differences between Google SEO and Bing SEO involves the usage of keywords. Google focuses on improving the accuracy of searches by trying to understand the intention of the searchers as well as interpreting the signals from various websites.

This is referred to as semantic search, which relies partly on artificial intelligence as well as machine learning. Bing, on the other hand, does not focus much on semantic search but focuses on matching keywords.

The Bing webmaster guidelines emphasize on using targeted keywords. Using exact keywords in Bing gives you a better ranking in search engines. 

Google and Bing SEO also differ when it comes to Meta keywords. When ranking websites, Bing SEO takes a keen consideration of Meta keywords. Meta descriptions and keywords play a significant role and have a high impact on Bing ranking.

On the other hand, Google does not take any consideration on Meta descriptions and keywords. Meta description does not affect the ranking in Google, and therefore they are not necessary.

Another difference between the SEO strategies comes in the use of backlinks. While both Bing and Google use backlinks, backlinks are more important in Google SEO than they are in Bing SEO.

Backlinks play a role in building domain authority in Google SEO. For instance, receiving backlinks from low authority websites with weak domain authority will knock your rankings down in Google. Google perceives artificially made backlinks to be unnatural.

When it comes to Bing, the emphasis is made on both the quality and quantity of backlinks. However, Bing does not judge the quality of the backlinks so harshly as compared to Google. Bing mostly emphasizes the age of the domain as well as specific extensions of the domain. Bing does not emphasize too much on how many links your website receives.

Social signals are another aspect in which Bing and Google SEO differ significantly. Google denies that social media plays a role in influencing the ranking of a page. However, there are endless speculations among Google SEO providers that social media influences page ranking.

On the other hand, Bing emphasizes the importance of social media in improving page rankings. Social media has a significant influence in creating page traffic which eventually improves its ranking.

While Bing and Google differ in search engine optimization, it is clear that both can help to drive targeted traffic to your websites. It is, therefore, important that marketers consider both strategies during their SEO marketing campaigns. 

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