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Today, almost all businesses and business professionals have to decide on how much they need to spend on SEO (search engine optimization). As a digital marketer or a business professional, you must be wondering and asking this question, “How much will SEO cost me?” To make an informed decision, you need to keep updated on how SEO service providers operate to meet your online marketing goals successfully.

You need to know that SEO is not bought as a product but rather as an investment which earns more returns than its inputs. These returns are relative since SEO pricing depends on various factors. These factors affect both the pricing and performance of the services. The prices also vary depending on what the services include.

What determines the SEO pricing?

 The size of your website is one of the factors that determine how much you pay for SEO services. Websites with a small number of pages are considered easy and with less architectural complexities as compared to more significant sites. Optimizing fewer pages means less overall work and therefore costs less. More significant sites, on the other hand, require critical improvement on user experience as well as making sure that the website includes the appropriate landing pages. Such sites are complex and may cost more on SEO.

Another factor is the number of services and products you need to SEO on your site. If you have many services on your website, and you need all of them to rank at the top of Google searches, all of them need to be optimized. That means more work is required to meet this target. Some of the SEO companies will charge you depending on the number of services or products you are seeking to promote.

The strength of competition also determines the cost of SEO services. This competition refers to the competitors already on the Google ranks and who are already using the keywords or products you are seeking to promote. When the competition is high, more work is needed, and this may affect the pricing of SEO services. An example of this is trying to rank for “Dentist in San Francisco” versus “Dentist in Larkspur”. Larkspur is a much smaller city with less dentists, so the SEO services in San Francisco are going to cost more because of the higher degree of competition.

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The length of the optimization project also affects the pricing of the services. One may want a one-time search engine optimization project or an ongoing project. With a one-time project, the service providers do not have complexities because it involves less work. An ongoing SEO project will require more work and would cost more than a one-time project.

How much does search engine optimization cost?

 SEO charges vary on various factors, as mentioned above, as well as many other factors. For instance, a one-time SEO project may cost you between $500 and $3,000 and above. This will depend on such factors as the scope of SEO. If you want to optimize a comprehensive campaign for marketing, you may pay a monthly cost of between $1,500 and $6,000. This may include a niche product, a small city service or even a highly competitive product or service or in a large city or metro areas. If you want to optimize a celebrity site, national as well as international corporations, you may pay up to $10,000 and above.

SEO payments may take several models such as hourly consulting pricing monthly retainer paid after every month, contract services with a fixed price or project-based payment. As a marketer, you need to understand the models used by SEO agencies you hire to optimize your sites.

SEO is one of the highest valued marketing strategies for many businesses today. The services have many benefits that exceed its cost as well as the value of other marketing strategies. For many businesses today, the question is not whether they should use SEO but rather what it would cost them to use SEO.

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