In Chicago Illinois

You’re traveling Cook County in Chicago and The Windy City no doubt has blown you away already. It is enormous, and there are so many great things to do. It is deciding which attractions the visit that’s one of the most critical questions. If you’re just getting started, here are four top attractions that Chicago has to offer its visitors.

You have to visit the 360 Chicago Observation Deck. Wouldn’t it be nice to get a complete 360-degree view of the entire city? That is one way to see it all! You have to make your way to the John Hancock Center, and the observation deck is on the 94th floor. Each time our SEO agency in Chicago comes here, we take a wild ride on the TILT. It’s quite exhilarating!

While I am anything but a Cubs fan, I would absolutely recommend checking out Wrigley Field. It is one of the oldest and best ballparks in the nation. My team is the Cardinals, one of the biggest rivals of the Cubs. But you bet I would get the best tickets I could to watch the Cubs play. After all, who doesn’t love baseball?

The Chicago Riverwalk is also a must in The Windy City. It is an area full of great things to do and photos to take. The Riverwalk is also a great area if you’re looking for some of the top restaurants in Chicago. You will also find lots of shops, and you will be right in the downtown area as well.

How about a visit to the Shedd Aquarium? This popular attraction is located at 1220 South Lake Shore, which puts you right on Lake Michigan. That means your stay here is more than just about the aquarium. As you can imagine, you will find some great photo ops by the big lake as well. Plan to spend at least a couple hours at the aquarium, and perhaps you will want to do a little more exploring while in the area.

Those four major Chicago attractions will get you started and keep you busy having fun. With so much to do in the Windy City, you must start somewhere and work your way around. Hit all the best spots you can.

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