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Attract more local customers to your business website with search engine marketing. We have the organic search methods, the testimonials, case studies, and rankings to prove it.

e-Commerce SEO

Do you want your products to stand out in front of the competition? We can make your e-commerce business visible in the digital marketplace.

Mobile SEO

More than 70% of local sales are driven by mobile searches. We put you in front of motivated customers looking for your service or product on their mobile phones and tablets.

Google SEO

SEO gives search engines what they want: social media, business listings, citations, and your site’s overall authority are just a few factors in our proven formula that stands the test of time.

Youtube SEO

Video marketing is hot! We create, optimize and rank your YouTube videos not only on the YT search engine, but also on the Google search engine results.

Amazon SEO

Our expertise in ranking Amazon products, brands and stores to appear on the first page for multiple keywords is legendary. We put your product on top.

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How We Grow Your ROI


Give your business the exposure it deserves by dominating the search engines. We make all digital roads lead to you


Our SEO firm uses the best keywords in the niche to direct tons of targeted customers to your website to learn about your service and products.


Your ROI will explode as more and more potential customers reach your website. Engaging new customers every month is vital to build your business. That’s what we do for your bottom line.


When we take on your internet marketing, you’ll always be able to reach us. Our open door policy means you have your consultant’s personal phone number and email for any questions or updates.


Your business will always have an edge on the competition because we invest in a mastermind group of the world’s best search engine experts, where we share knowledge about the ever-changing algorithms and strategies that get results.


When we put your website, your videos and your social media properties in the top 10 on the Search Engine Results Page, that’s when we’re satisfied. We can do this for your products and services.


Our SEO professionals perform the work for your business site in-house using safe, white-hat links. We don’t cut any corners or outsource. That’s why we get results you can trust.


With daily ranking reports and updates on new marketing trends that will benefit your business, you will never have to worry about what we are doing to grow your traffic and market your brand.


We won’t lock you into a long-term contract and you can cancel any time. Why? We know you will see the ROI that makes choosing our search engine optimization agency the best business decision you ever made.


Golden Gate SEO Miami

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The City of Miami has been immortalized by Hollywood movies like Scarface and Miami Vice that captured the imaginations of millions around the world. Miami’s beautiful beaches are teaming with people inspiring to live the American Dream making Miami one of the world’s most alluring, romantic, and high-tech cities.

Being one of the economic, financial and tech centers of the world Miami has no shortage of SEO technology firms. This can often make it quite challenging when it comes to choosing the right agency for your SEO needs. When deciding which agency to render services to, it is highly recommended to check where they stand on Google SEO rankings and the portfolio of companies they have worked for. At Golden Gate SEO Miami, we believe in result driven marketing that increases conversion rates, user engagement, and overall traffic.

Below are five points that are essential in the selection process of the right Miami SEO Company:

1. What does a personalized SEO strategy entail?

We at Golden Gate SEO understand that each business requires a personalized SEO strategy that is tailored to its industry specifics, target demographic and unique niche. Creating a customized SEO strategy for your business requires a complete diagnostic of your website. Premium keywords, key phrase research, and competitor analysis are all conducted by Golden Gate SEO before discussing pricing and contract details. This allows us to tailor SEO strategies that are specific to your business needs.

2. Pricing for SEO services?

Extensive research is required to determine high traffic and low competition keywords that bring in the most significant amount of conversions and profit. The best SEO companies offer pricing that is neither too low or too high as they understand the parameters and logistics of the organic ranking world. Our SEO agency falls right in the middle when it comes to pricing, offering top quality Miami SEO services that are designed to bring results in a relatively short period.

3. Can you speak directly to SEO experts?

Very few agencies allow customers to speak with there in-house SEO experts directly. At Golden Gate SEO we welcome this as all SEO related questions and queries are directed right to a Miami SEO expert who can answer your questions in detail while providing guidance and invaluable input. Our SEO consultants are always accessible which allows us to be a lot more efficient and engaged with all our clients.

4. How does backlinking benefit your business?

Many Miami SEO companies offer quick results at dirt cheap prices. Always watch out for such companies as the SEO strategies they use can quickly get you blacklisted on Google severely affecting your company’s sales and reputation. Our Miami SEO consultants are highly trained and experienced professionals that develop the best back-linking strategies of safe and trusted websites that are sure to enhance the credibility and ranking of your site.

5. What does it take to be Number 1?

In today’s highly competitive world being on the first page of Google is every companies greatest desire. However, to get their organically takes time and consistent effort. To get on the first page of Google especially for products that are in saturated industries can almost seem like an impossible task. But with the right SEO techniques and strategies, this is not only possible but realistically achievable. Being on the first page of Google can change the entire scope and magnitude of your business. Don’t take our word for it, our testimonials speak for themselves.

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