Is MintBird Funnel Builder Worth It Or Is It A Scam?

Most of those who do online marketing know about shopping carts, and sales funnel building, such as ClickFunnels. Some of the most common complaints I hear from both veteran and novice marketers include:

-Their price tags are too high

-Functionality is limited or rigid

-No one wants to pay the monthly rate

-Too many upsells for other products

-Products aren’t complete solutions so you need to spend more money for other products

-Poor customer support when issues occur

-Many program developers grew too quickly and stopped caring about product quality

-Other products come out too quickly, and existing products get less attention

Those are just a tiny sample of the dozens of similar complaints you can find from marketers. The good news is that many alternatives to LeadPages, ClickFunnels, and the other big names exist out there. Our review is going to cover a product getting ready to launch: MintBird.

Two veterans of the online marketing business made this sales funnel builder. It was made specifically for client agencies, affiliate marketers, those who sell products online, and many others who make money online.

Our review will show you everything you need to know about MintBird, if the cost is worth it, if it corrects the many complaints we highlighted about other cart builders and if it stacks up well against the competition. Let’s start the review.

Who is Chad Nicely?

A veteran of internet marketing, Chad Nicely has been actively marketing since 1998. He has personally coached thousands of new marketers and taught them the ins and outs of affiliate marketing and developing new online products.

Chad has either developed or been an essential part of many multi-million product launches. His track record is so impressive that it seems like he has the Midas touch. At the same time, it’s questionable whether he or his students have benefitted the most. Some people report success, but you always have to consider the actual degree of their success and the percentage of overall students who are experiencing it. Is a dozen success stories out of thousands that good?

While we don’t have these answers, but we did find something concerning. Chad launches a tremendous number of products. The problem here is that the current product is solid quality, but the quality quickly diminishes as he moves onto his next product, or his attention is split between 10 products. We’ll reveal if MintBird has fallen to the same fate.

We know that many of you, like me, want a founder with a long-term commitment to their products along with superior customer service and regular product updates. While Chad has many good products under his belt, we are concerned that his products may not have consistent quality and fall off over time, leaving you holding the bag.


Who is Perry Belcher?

Perry Belcher is just as experienced as Chad in the online marketing sphere. He has also launched numerous multi-million products. Most of his products revolve around digital marketing, sales funnels, and copywriting. Perry is also a co-founder of Traffic and Conversions Live, one of the most significant live events for internet marketing.

Perry earned tens of millions of dollars through launching his marketing products. At the same time, he has many of the same complaints that Chad does.

We are finding this is a common complaint with many internet marketers. Many products are launched, but it isn’t long before a new product is made and existing customers are forgotten. While it’s a clever marketing tactic that allows marketers to sell new, complementary products, this is a problem for customers as you are constantly upsold new products while existing ones receive less and less support.


So, How Does Mintbird Work?

MintBird was developed as a sales funnel builder. It helps you rapidly make funnels for clients, e-commerce products, and affiliate offers.

Key Features

1. Library Based: You’re able to make funnels rapidly by using content from the library. Simply select content and add it to the funnel.

2. Simple to Use: MintBird is very easy to use. You should have no issues making scripts, adding products, or customizing a delivery. This all integrates seamlessly into the program.

3. Make Funnels in Minutes: MintBird lets you add upsell pages into your funnels in minutes. Most other funnel builders require significantly more time.

4. Beautiful Templates: MintBird was tested and analyzed for high conversion rates during the developmental process. Every template was designed to increase your conversion rate in your cart, OTO pages, and all the other sections.

5. Mobile App: The app is so simple a child could use it. This is incredibly convenient, and it’s a big bonus if you decide that MintBird is the right program for you.

Key Feature #1: Product Library
-You can quickly find all of your developed products from the library.
-You can generate and edit forms for your orders.
-You can generate and edit both upsell and down-sell products.

Key Feature #2: Upsells & Downsells
-The library allows you to find and view any upsell or down-sell that you created.
-You can track how well each funnel is converting.
-MintBird helps you quickly make new upsells and down-sells for your customers.

Key Feature #3: Two Minute Funnel Creation
-You’re able to view and edit every funnel contained in your library.
-Track conversion rates of each funnel and see how your sales are doing.
-This is a drag-and-drop interface that allows for fast funnel creation.

Key Feature #4: Multiple Options for Bump Offers
-View and edit any bumps from your library of bump offers.
-Get live data on your bumps and find it which funnels they do best on.
-The easy funnel editor allows you to customize the funnel in minutes.

How Much Does MintBird Cost?

While there are several upsell versions of MintBird, the basic plan comes to $297. If you end up buying the other suggested products and upsells, then you could spend thousands of dollars on every product and service. The other products might be helpful, and that’s great if they are. At the same time, I don’t like that MintBird is marketed as a one-time payment and that it does everything you need, but then it suggests that you buy all of these other products.

You’ll put down your $297 on the basic option just to get slammed with messages about upsells and additional features. It makes it sound like all of these upsells are absolutely necessary. Some upsells even make it sound like the basic version won’t work without these extra purchases. It’s not directly said like this, but the implication is there from the first page up until you’re through the whole funnel.

I know some people won’t mind this marketing strategy, but I and many others are turned off by the aggressive upselling. Just be aware of it before diving in.

Pros and Cons

1. MintBird is simple to use.
2. You get many attractive templates that should convert well.
3. The mobile app is fantastic and convenient.
4. It was developed by successful marketers who know what their clients want.

1. The $297 price tag is a bit deceiving.
2. The are limited program integrations.
3. It’s a new program, so there are plenty of bugs to be fixed.
4. The two founders are known to jump from one product to the next shortly after launching.
5. There are simply too many upsells.
6. There aren’t any SEO features. This only functions properly with paid ads.

Is MintBird Legit or a Scam?

Scam is a harsh word, and we wouldn’t use it to describe MintBird. You can buy the product, gain access to it and use it to make many funnels for your online business. It does deliver on some of its promises.

At the same time, there is a much more important question that needs to be answered.

Is MintBird the best option for the price tag, or is there something better for the same cost or less?

I prefer buying products that I can use for many years, not just one year at most before it has no more attention and fades into obsolesce. One of the things why I wouldn’t recommend MintBird, is that both Perry Belcher and Chad Nicely are known to leave their products shortly after launching them, or at the very least, split their focus with the dozens of other software products they launch. This isn’t ideal at all.

Whenever I purchase a new program, I look at the creators and make sure they are committed to their products and customers. I want developers who update their products and provide excellent customer service for many years to come. Programs like MintBird need consistent updates. If the founders focused solely on their next launch, then they tend to forget about the last product they made.

This eventually leads to the product quickly becoming obsolete as it lacks updates or bugs aren’t fixed quickly. This then requires you to look for the next product, which puts you back in their arms so you can open your wallet.

How does MintBird stack up with the complaints we highlighted above with similar programs like ClickFunnels?

-It can get too expensive when you consider all the upsells.
-The functionality can be limited in some areas.
-There are upsells for other products that quickly drain your wallet.
-The creators are known to launch new products quickly.
-Product quality will likely decrease as less attention is placed on the product.
-Customer support will likely reduce as there is less attention on the product.

Is There A Better Alternative?

There are many funnel builders and similar programs with one to three key features. At the same time, many of them are lacking in key areas.

For example, ClickFunnels requires you to sign up for an autoresponder email program. This allows you to integrate it with the program, but that can cost hundreds of dollars or more. You’re also paying the $97 to $297 monthly fee for ClickFunnels.

Not only that, but you also need video hosting from somewhere like Vimeo, Calendly, or another calendar software and numerous other programs just to get all the features working correctly. Whether you’re doing affiliate marketing or making your money some other way, the truth is that nearly every marketing program lacks something, and you’ll need to buy another program to make up for it.

With all of these products, I’ve spent as much as $15,000 upfront and $1,500 – $3,000 per month just to have the tools I required to run the whole business system.

In a year, that’s at least $33,000 I could have spent somewhere else. And if you take that number over five years, that’s over $150,000.

That lead me to do some research, and I was lucky enough to discover a tool that included everything. I was super skeptical because I didn’t think anything like this existed and was too good to be true.

But as it turned out, it was an authentic, no-nonsense, one-stop-shop. And I use it to this day for all of my online marketing.

Everything you need is contained under one roof to ensure you’re a successful e-commerce store, affiliate marketer, client-agency or any combination of the three.

Here is what this one software replaces:

  • Clickfunnels
  • Shopify
  • WordPress
  • Lead Pages
  • Active Campaign
  • Weebly
  • Zendesk
  • Medium
  • Wix
  • MailChimp
  • Invanto
  • Wistia
  • Squarespace
  • Kartra
  • Calendly
  • Vimeo Pro
  • SamCart
  • SendGrid
  • Infusionsoft
  • Acuity
  • Freshdesk
  • Thinkific

And dozens more…..

It comes with a free plan so you can see if the platform is right for you. There is no need to pay $297 or more upfront and no reason to go through dozens of upsells before even using the program. That’s common for MintBird and similar sales funnel builders, but not this software.

Best of all, if you decide this software is right for you, then there is a lifetime deal to upgrade to the entire product.

All you pay is one fee. No need to pay monthly dues, get expensive upsells or spend more money.

It’s an essential, life-changing program developed by founders who are pushing for long-term success.

They have a very active Facebook Group with over 140K members, so there’s lots of help if you need it. Not only that, but the developers are making consistent updates and even give clients timelines for when to expect updates, features, or new integrations.

It’s a dream come true for internet marketers. And it’s called Groove.

You can sign up for a free account by clicking here to get familiarized with the software and see if it’s right for you.

Preview of All Tools You Get With Groove

When you sign up for a free Groove account, you can build 3 websites while getting all of the functionality of the platform.

Here’s a summary of all the tools you have with Groove:

  • GroovePages – This page builder helps you build mobile responsive, SEO friendly webpages that help you stand out
  • GrooveSell – This checkout system makes it extremely quick and simple for your customers to make purchases
  • GrooveMail – This email autoresponder helps you build campaigns with email easily and effectively
  • GrooveMember – Into building a membership site? This tool makes it simple
  • GrooveVideo – Upload and share the videos you want to use in your marketing campaigns
  • GroovePages for Shopify – Make professional Shopify like pages
  • GrooveKart – Start you own shop online. Even migrate over your existing shop from Shopify
  • GrooveWebinars – No need for GotoWebinar or other webinar platforms with this great tool
  • GrooveBlog – Blogging has never been easier. No need to setup complicated WordPress sites with custom coding or dozens of plugins
  • GrooveDesk – Track customer support tickets and requests from your stores here
  • GrooveCalendar – Schedule and track all of your important appointments
  • GrooveSurvey & GrooveQuiz – Create surveys and quizzes to interact with your customers and learn what they want
  • GrooveMarketplace – Find quality products to promote from other members here
  • Groove Affiliate – Join the hottest and high converting affiliate programs in the internet marketing world and earn up to 40% lifetime commissions from new customer!

When you get access to all of these tools in one, it’s not only more efficient from a workflow perspective, but from a monetary one as well.

You can easily spend over $15,000 or more if you purchased each of these tools individually. But they are all included in Groove.


Final Thoughts

Being an internet marketer for the past 6 years has taught me a lot. There’s been a lot of trials and tribulations, failures, and obstacles, but the led me to my biggest breakthroughs and successes.

Having the right tools for your online business is as essential as a construction worker having the right tools on a construction site or a mechanic in an auto body shop.

Imagine only having a hammer on a construction site. What about the saws, nails, screws, screwdrivers, etc?

Furthermore, what about the inefficiency involved from not having all the tools you need before you start. The stopping and starting and losing all of that momentum when you lack the proper tools and you need to go off the construction site and get them. Or worse, you need to order them and wait for them to be shipped to you.

Same goes with softwares like Mintbird vs Groove. With Mintbird, you have a hammer and a few other tools. With Groove, you have an entire toolbox of every tool for every situation.

While Mintbird is solid at the few things it does, it’s one tool out of the dozens of tools needed to get your online business system working fast and for the long term.

If you are here reading this, then you’re much further along than 90% of people and you need just a couple of extra pieces to complete your puzzle. The last 10% can come from Groove.

Hopefully this review was helpful. From someone who’s made 7 figures from online businesses over the past couple of years, I wish you the success you deserve!