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For many years, digital marketers have been using search engine optimization to promote their websites and create traffic, which has significantly improved how these websites perform. 

As a digital marketer familiar with the search industry, you may have come across rumors every year that SEO is dying or is already dead. There are also many articles written stating that SEO is not dead and why it can’t die. The debate about the death of SEO might leave many people with questions on the fate of this marketing strategy. It is, therefore, essential to look at the reasons why people argue for or against the death of search engine optimization. 

Dead SEO Strategies

Those people arguing that SEO is dying or is dead do not go without any facts to support the argument. Many SEO strategies have come to extinction and have left people studying SEO trends to conclude that SEO has no future. For instance, since the beginning of SEO, building links has remained one of the most critical strategies in Google ranking. 

People, therefore, used to build many links to their websites to earn a top ranking. This strategy is no longer advantageous in modern days. What matters is the relevance and quality of the content that a website offers. 

Another reason why SEO is thought to be dead is the decline in the use of keywords. Keyword stuffing used to be very important in optimizing your page or website. With more sophisticated growth of search engines, marketers no longer focus on keywords since Google has changed what influences website rankings. Today, what matters is the readability of the content and its ability to solve user queries.

Digital marketers used to create a vast number of pages and posts to earn rankings. In modern days, Google algorithms do not rank websites depending on how big they are. Instead, webpages get ranked depending on merit in terms of keywords or search query.

Today, SEO does not focus on search engines but instead focuses on the people. Google has changed into ranking websites based on how they focus on improving user experience. Google now focuses on providing users with relevant results that relate to their needs. 

Why is SEO Not Dying?

There are several reasons why SEO is not going to die. SEO is getting better day by day. For instance, one reason why SEO is getting better and more straightforward is the popularity of the rising of mobile phone usage. This change is one of the highest chances for the growth of SEO. The number of searches is going to increase as people can search any time, at any place conveniently.

Marketers are being forced to do deep researches on the topic they want to optimize rather than just optimizing specific keywords. The search engines are becoming smarter day by day, forcing marketers to offer the most relevant content on their sites. Interlinking content that’s relevant to one another helps Google bot understand what your website is about, which superchargers the overall SEO efforts.

Marketers are even going an extra mile to re-launch and edit the old content on their websites. Marketers understand that some of this content may play a very vital role in having their websites ranking higher. Marketers are, therefore reinvigorating their content, which is helping them to improve their Google rankings. Updating such content and adding a few external links makes it recognizable by both humans and search engines.

The shifting of Google to answer engine from a search engine or information engine has brought about significant changes in the design of search engine results pages (SERP) well. This change has not had an impact on all pages. However, most of the pages have been advantaged by an overhaul that makes them mobile friendlier and benefiting mobile users. 

While many SEO strategies have been outdated, the fact remains that SEO is not dying and has a great future. The growth and advancement of technology mean a more promising future for SEO. Search engines remain to exist even with technological advancements. As long as search engines exist, SEO will remain an integral tool for marketing and improving the experience of buyers. 

While many people will adamantly stick to their opinions on SEO dying or not, our San Diego SEO consultants look to answer this question in a logical and factual way. By doing the research. Our experts spend thousands of hours in R&D to find out exactly how algorithms work and why Google works the way that it does.

With all of this data at our fingertips, we are able to consistently and reliably get SEO results over the last 10 years. Behind the scenes work that focuses on being in the trenches, rather than just spouting random opinions is what we believe brings about the most accurate information. Golden Gate SEO is here to help you cut through the nonsense and understand your options.