In San Francisco California

San Francisco is one of the most exciting cities in the world. Not only does it has the majestic views across the bay taking in the Golden Gate Bridge, but also fabulous dining destinations and a wealth of outdoor activities. Enjoying the magnificent San Francisco weather is only one of the reasons that over 25 million tourists visit the city each year. However, there is simply so much to see in the city that getting to its many attractions can be challenging. Fortunately for visitors, there are numerous transportation options available. This will allow any tourist to explore the wonders of the city.

Those arriving at San Francisco International Airport will be provided with several options when it comes to getting into the city. Among these is the BART rapid rail system. This is an inexpensive and highly efficient way of starting a journey of exploration. A round trip ticket from the airport to downtown San Francisco will set the visitor back around $20 – incredible value. There are also rideshare service providers and shuttles available. Of course, rental car options are available as well, as are cabs and public buses that travel from the airport into the city.

The Muni bus and metro system is a fabulous way of getting around San Francisco. The rail portion of the system is a great cost-effective way of reaching some of SanFrancisco’s famous tourist attractions – as is the above-ground bus service.

The highly attractive and justifiably famous tram system in San Francisco is also a fabulous way of getting around the city. Taking a trip on a tram or cable car is an experience that should be on the itinerary of every visitor. For instance – it’s the perfect way to reach attractions such as Fisherman’s Wharf. Tickets can be purchased onboard the trams – or paid for using the ‘MuniMobile’ app. If the visitor is in the city for an extended period, a CityPASS ($94) will allow for the unlimited use of the Muni system. For those who will be in the city for a shorter time period a one day Visitor Passport for $21 is the perfect way to save a some money – and provide access to all the Muni transportation options.

Visiting San Francisco California is a pleasure – and the many transportation offerings make any visit that much less stressful. Plan your visit soon.