Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

Have you heard of search engine optimization (SEO)? We can assure you that it is more than just making your site faster and getting more customers (although, that is a huge part of it). It is about improving the overall user experience and ranking your site better on Google search results. Below, we have included some major reasons why your business needs SEO:

1. SEO Brings Organic Traffic

Organic search results are a large component of a business’ performance on its site. It is also used to more effectively create a buyer funnel and achieve a greater percentage of conversions and engagement. As explains, “Improving your SEO will allow users to find your great content not only on Google, but on your site, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and other sites as well.”[3]

Google is the most-visited site in the world, and mostly the United States. Its Gmail service is also the most popular email service in the world and YouTube is the second most-used search engine in the world. Which is why we like to ensure that you gain more exposure where the majority of users congregate online.[1]

2. SEO Makes Your Business More Credible

A great SEO expert is to construct a great foundation for a gorgeous website with an easy-to-use user experience that shows up in a good ranking in search results because of the brand’s credibility.

Many other factors are involved in establishing credibility with search engines like Google. These would include high-quality backlinks, good user behavior, and high-quality on-page SEO.[4]

Establishing a brand as an authority will require patience, elbow grease, and dedication, and also relies on offering valuable, quality products or services that give customers a good reason to trust the brand.

3. SEO Brings a Better UX

Every business owner wants a better organic ranking for maximum visibility. Optimal user experience is a major part of getting it. Google has identified how they will determine what is a good or poor user experience, and a great user experience is directly related to the site’s ranking.[6] If you make it difficult for your customers to find what they want on your site, then your performance will not be as good as you want it to be.

4. Local SEO Impacts User Engagement

A the vast majority of searches are done on a mobile device. For those who have a local business, then this mobile traffic will be paramount to your success. This is, as it sounds, targeted marketing to a specific geographic location, so they can be put another step closer to making a transaction when they may need it most. To do this, your site and content will have to be optimized and local citations and backlinking will help get your business prioritized to your location. Also, your user reviews will be very important to keep as close to 5 stars as you can.

Why is SEO Important? [5]

5. SEO Will Impact Purchases

Your customers are going to arrive to your site prepared.[2] They will have their research done and come knowing what they want. Be sure that you are ready to meet them where they are. In order for you to succeed, you will have to put yourself in the position of a buyer. If you do this right, you can use SEO to amplify your deals, new products/services, and have a more profound impact on your sales.

6. The Foundation of Traffic To Your Business Website

SEO is the foundation for many websites. When you can reliably and relatively easily bring traffic to your website through search engines, your costs of advertising are drastically reduced. This increases profit margins in your business which makes it much more valuable in the short term and long term. Many businesses actually leverage SEO as a selling point to investors when they are looking to exit. Many website brokers I’ve talked to say that investors really value having that low cost, reliable SEO traffic because they can integrate it very easily with other advertising methods they are using.



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